Credit Cards

Credit Cards

It is a shopping tool that allows people to make purchases and after a while not owing to the bank, not the store, and being used by millions of people in daily life instead of cash. People demand this card from banks. Some of them are based on their salary account and others claim own credit card. There are many banks and all of these banks have many cards. There are private companies, private places, and private cards. If you want a card, you should inform the bank about this. Your special card will arrive in a very short time. The card limits the bank according to your salary. If it is too high you can contact the bank to request a limit reduction.

The advantage of using credit cards is that you do not have to carry money, make instalments without pushing your personal budget, remove unregistered activities in the country's economy, and pay if you do not have cash.

Credit cards can be obtained from banks or some financial institutions. Having a 18-year-old or older, having a documentable birthday, and having a good credit score are among the requirements for getting a credit card.

Credit card limits are based on consumers' monthly incomes. For the first time in the last arrangement made, the card limit will be collected for up to 2 (two) times the income of the individuals who will receive the credit card for the first time. In the second and subsequent years, the card limit can be increased so that it does not exceed four times the monthly income of the individual. Limit increase requests are based on the assets, debts and credit ratings of the bank and the financial institution in which the consumer has the card. Credit card limits can be increased if similar criteria are met.

When you buy a credit card and spend with it, you will owe it to the bank or financial institution from which you received it. The credit card charges you make during the specified period are calculated at the date of the account cut, which you will determine during your application. The organization will send you a credit card statement showing your debts, the due date of your debts, and the spending details.

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