Merchant Risk Assestment

Merchant Risk Assestment

Identifying risk in e-commerce is an essential part of business and EnterPays understands this. It is crucial that you are protected from advancing fraud trends and shielded from the repercussions of fraudulent transactions and abusive customers.

Upon receiving your application, our risk team begins identifying areas for improvement based on your profile and processing history.
We assess and evaluate the risk controls your business require from the products or services you provide, the type of customers you have, the payment methods you use, the regions you do or want to do business with and more. We customize risk controls to achieve the perfect balance between fraud prevention cost and profit margin.

Why this is important?

It is necessary to use site security software (such as SET, SSL) to ensure that credit card numbers are securely transmitted on the Internet and that no unauthorized person can obtain this information.

Many companies use the software in question to overcome this security issue with payment systems. The use of these software is based on the identification of all parties operating on the internet by a special coding system. Credit cards are not used physically in shopping on the Internet. Credit card number is given over the internet. The risk of the credit card number being scrambled by third parties frightens consumers.
Shopping online is safer than shopping in daily life. But there are many precautions that customers should take for this. If these precautions are fully provided, a secure shopping environment is created.

Security is shown as the most important barrier to shopping on the Internet. The security risk perceived by the consumers must be minimized. It is inevitable for the consumer to be informed about these issues in order to achieve this. Consumers have more insecurity on the issues they do not know act more cautiously. Having knowledge about the subject and knowing how to act will reduce this risk of consumers.

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