Shop Integraion and Development

EnterPays provides a dedicated team to assist you in building your shop systems. Our development team can work with you to create shop systems from the simplest to the most complex that suit your requirement.

One of the biggest tools that will allow users to shop on your site is the payment systems you offer. The more alternative payment methods you have on your ecommerce site, the more you can get ahead of the price advantages by taking advantage of your competitors. But the competitor sells the same product as you, but it has more advantageous payment possibilities than you and works with more than one bank, and the instalment possibilities are also very advantageous, in which case the user is definitely comparing and choosing your opponent.

EnterPays is a secure alternative payment system that can use small businesses, online stores, people, etc. that fail traditional payment methods. You can easily get credit and debit cards from your e-commerce site by adding your EnterPays sub-structure to your site.

Enterpays is a smarter way to accept online, mobile & MOTO payments.

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