Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention

EnterPays Fraud Prevention offers tight and multi-layered security for online and mobile banking. The platform's unique security technologies bring your bank's existing security solutions to the next level by adding a new layer of defense to the endpoints of your customers.

Global e-commerce and m-commerce have seen a tremendous growth over the last couple of years. Merchants are more frequently targeted by fraudsters as new sales channels and payment methods are introduced and the market continues to grow. EnterPays is aware of the challenges ahead of the market – that is why we take risk management seriously.

We have incorporated internal and external risk management tools on our core processing platform and implemented sophisticated risk controls to suit the needs of our merchants. Such risk management tools allow you to maintain account blacklists, run velocity checks or access external risk solutions provided by companies like Retail Decisions, Threat Metrix and many more.

Enterpays is a smarter way to accept online, mobile & MOTO payments.

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