Tokenization, also called credit card storage, means that e-commerce customers create their own accounts, enter all their personal, credit card and address information, and then complete a single username-password exchange for all their purchases. The credit card information entered in the first transaction is recorded in Enterpays’ PCI-DSS (Security Card Data Security Standard) security system. By sending the token created for the information to the e-commerce site, easy and safe shopping enjoyment starts. In subsequent exchanges, instead of entering credit card information again, the customer who just clicks on the Pay button is performing the transaction. This system, which works with token-building logic, can be summarized as a quick and easy shopping key.

One of the unique features of tokenization is that Mobile Integration can be integrated for mobile users as well. With a simple software, shopping on e-commerce sites takes the trouble of entering card information on the small screen. This convenience for the rapidly growing mobile payment system in the world is also a very effective method for security. The SSL security certificate, which must be found in all e-commerce sites, is a very effective but inexorable solution for preventing information from being compromised by others. The information entered on the site for SSL shopping is encrypted and it is difficult to overcome these passwords. However, for the site itself, this is a little easier, and it is possible that unsafe e-commerce sites can steal and use information. However, tokenization guarantees security. Convenience and trust are provided by tokenization, PCI-DSS certification, which is a credit card payment standard, determined by Visa and Master Card, which facilitates both the client and the firm.

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