Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal

The purpose of today's payment models is to present the most reliable way to users with the least amount of processing steps. You can also help make your customers' payments the fastest and safest way with Virtual Terminal System and increase your profitability.

Virtual Terminal is the virtual state of the physical POS device. In other words, software that enables customers to pay member merchants in online payments is called Virtual Terminal.

Online shopping sites established to take the part of ecommerce's easy and profitable world have to have a virtual payment service in order to pass the activity.

It can be assumed that the virtual POS needed for the e-commerce site can only be obtained from the bank. However, this is not the only way to establish a virtual POS.

Suitable for the full use of the private sector and public institutions, EnterPays Virtual Terminal offers a call center solution that is flexible, cost effective and includes all the necessary components for enterprises to effectively communicate with customers and increase customer satisfaction.

Key Features
  • The first investment and operating cost dropped due to the software based solution
  • With EnterPays' wide terminal portfolio, cost-effective operator terminals (IP phone, IP DECT, software-based phone, video phone, headset)

Enterpays is a smarter way to accept online, mobile & MOTO payments.

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