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The Enterpays Gateway

 combines state-of-the-art technology, PCI DSS Level 1 security, multi-currency capability and easy integration options for a seamless eCommerce experience. This allows us to cater to your different needs, whether providing payment functionality to your existing apps, accepting card payments through a mobile device or simply enhancing your online shop. We have the solutions you need to keep you ahead of the market.

PaaS – Platform as a Service

Enterpays uses a processing infrastructure based on the PaaS methodology. This means that you are given access to a state of the art platform that meets or even exceeds the standards of a modern payment solution while giving you the highest performance of reliability, availability, scalability and security.

PCI DSS Compliance

Our processing infrastructure is PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant. We maintain this strict PCI-DSS compliance by extending solutions to merchants who wants to process card payments but may find it difficult, time consuming and costly to achieve independent compliance status. CLiQ Payments makes it easy for our merchants to process cards reliably, securely and efficiently from day 1.

Analysis and Reporting

Our platform provides you a secure interface where you can view and monitor transactions in real time as they are coming through the gateway. Know if the bank declined the transaction or if the transaction failed risk management. Perform necessary actions such as refunding a successful debit or re-bill your cardholder manually for his monthly subscription. These are just some of the things you can do within your Merchant Interface.


Storing credit card data enables your customers to conveniently shop. Parallel Payments provides merchants a secure, PCI-DSS compliant capability to store sensitive information. With tokenization we enable you to access payment information anytime you wish in order to trigger a payment on behalf of the account holder without touching the card data itself.

Virtual Terminal

Do you need to process Mail Order/Telephone Order? Our Virtual Terminal can be deployed to a sales team or call center agents anytime and anywhere. Just provide them a device with an internet connection and a browser and start accepting payments.


Depending on your business model, CLiQ Payments can offer subscription based payments. We offer both manual and automatic interfaces to schedule payments on a regular basis. You decide on payment cycle, amount and length.

Fraud Prevention

Global e-commerce and m-commerce have seen a tremendous growth over the last couple of years. Merchants are more frequently targeted by fraudsters as new sales channels and payment methods are introduced and the market continues to grow. CliQ Payments is aware of the challenges ahead of the market – that is why we take risk management seriously.

We have incorporated internal and external risk management tools on our core processing platform and implemented sophisticated risk controls to suit the needs of our merchants. Such risk management tools allow you to maintain account blacklists, run velocity checks or access external risk solutions provided by companies like Retail Decisions, Threat Metrix and many more.

3-D Secure

Add an extra layer of protection! CLiQ Payments offers seamless 3-D Secure and AMEX SafeKey integration. 3-D Secure and SafeKey protects you from fraudulent payments, increases shopper’s confidence and significantly reduce the costs from fraudulent chargebacks.

3-D Secure and SafeKey works by asking additional authentication from the cardholder. A password, PIN or a private information that only the Card Holder would know is required to complete the purchase. This protects you from unwanted claims of fraudulent or stolen cards. Enabling this security level with card transactions also comes with a liability shift which is fairly governed by Visa and Mastercard and American Express in the case of SafeKey.

Enterpays is a smarter way to accept online, mobile & MOTO payments.

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