Platform as a Service

Platform as a Service

Platform as a Service allows developers to develop their projects by providing layers of hardware and software.

This service includes system management, operating system, programming language environment, database etc. Like platforms. Since system administration is performed by the service provider, you only manage your applications and data. For example with PHP you code a software. You do not have to deal with the SQL and web server infrastructure of the software you code. PaaS only provides the platforms your software needs to work with.

PaaS gives you the platform you need for application design, application development, hosting, testing. Of course, this platform can be configured quickly with the cloud process and you can instantly process it according to your own needs.

In the old model, the developer had to configure, update and keep the platform available. How long will it take to develop in this case, of course? Little or maybe not at all. With PaaS, you are not related to any of the backplane jobs and you can concentrate entirely on your own business. For example, while Google offers us a boon like App Engine, who tries to bring together the same configuration on their home computer?

We can list the benefits that the PaaS service will offer us as follows:

  • You will not deal with infrastructure in a technical sense
  • You will not take the risk to create your own platform
  • The cost of infrastructure will remain in your pocket and you will pay as much as you use the platform service
  • In minutes you will have a ready platform
  • You will be on the market instantly
  • You can integrate with other web services

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