EnterPays, which aims to be a leader in online payment systems, is having a "Subscription System". EnterPays will not set a credit card limit for payments for certain periods, such as users, newspaper and magazine subscriptions, association fees, gym and course fees.

The system, which provides subscription management to all e-commerce sites, will enable companies to purchase new customers with online membership system while at the same time receiving monthly payments for the products or services they offer. The system works like this; Companies can collect their payments at intervals and periods of their choice. They do not have to use installment options for products and services that require subscription payments.

If we look at how the system works for the customer, we can see that it is an advantage for the customers as well. In the case of installment payment method, only the monthly payment is charged in the Subscription System while the limit is blocked by the sum of the payment on the customer's credit card.

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