Debit Cards

Debit Cards

The debit card is directly linked to the deposit account of the card holder. This account is a card given to the bank customers in order to get goods and services from ATMs and Point of Sale (POS), withdraw money, and perform other offered banking services by accessing via password.

Debit cards, debit cards, can also apply to e-commerce sites. It may be possible to apply to virtual POSs provided by banking infrastructures or alternative payment institutions. You can review our payment options in detail on our e-commerce site.

Banks provide debit cards to their customers, allowing many transactions to be made via cash dispensers. If you have a debit card, you can do many transactions from the bank office. With the common ATM feature, you can also use other banking cash dispensers outside your bank. If you trade in these ATMs, you may need to pay a certain commission fee. With debit card, you can withdraw money from your account, deposit money in your account, and send your deposit to other accounts. You can also do your financial analysis by viewing account activity. Banks also offer some special services to customers who use debit cards. You can pay your bills with debit cards of many banks, carry out your institutional collection transactions, and even download TL to your mobile phone. If you use these features, you will not have to go to the bank and wait in line.

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