Direct Debit

Direct Debit

Properly structuring the payment systems infrastructure has positive effects on the development of national economies. Especially a healthy, safe, risk-free and fast-working payment system is important not only for the economy of the country, for the financial system and for the monetary policy, but also for the institutions and individuals within the economic world. Any congestion that may occur in payment systems can affect the operation of banks, manufacturing industries, individuals and the country's economy as a chain. Therefore, proper functioning of payment infrastructures that do not exist in normal conditions has a strategic precaution for our country.

Direct Debit System is a payment system that provides for the transfer of funds between the accounts of companies that are in regular commercial relations or between the accounts of individuals (seller and buyer) in different banks. The seller credits the buyer's account in the Y bank to the creditor account in the X bank in order to obtain the approval by sending the "Direct Collection Request" message to the buyer's account in the Y bank via the X bank that he / she works.

The Advantages of Direct Debit are;

  • Direct Debit is a payment system which is an alternative to the payment systems used worldwide.
  • Collections are carried out automatically, safely, reliably, quickly and without risk.
  • Particularly in certain sectors, it will reduce cash circulation and reduce the use of checks.
  • It will decrease the collections made by Check / Deed over time and increase the operational efficiency.
  • Collection projects with large volume and volume of banks will be realized.
  • It will become the payment platform for Internet based applications like E-Commerce.
  • The vendor's cash flow will become regular and the reconciliation issue will cease to exist.
  • Valve losses arising from the use of check will be removed from the center.

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