E - Wallet offers more secure use of credit cards or bank accounts. What is E - Wallet which is one of the most used deposit methods in recent periods? You can think of this money transfer method as a tool between your accounts and betting companies by defining your credit card or bank card.

Your customers or staff who come to the business may be spending in different locations within the enterprise. This often requires the installation of systems that are difficult to control and costly. In fact, it can often cause disruptions.

The electronic wallet system is one of the most appropriate ways to solve such problems.

Your customer or staff will pick up the electronic wallet spending card assigned to you at the time of entry into the business, and will spend it in different locations. When you check out, you can see the expenses you have made inside the electronic wallet card and you will be charged the amount you have to pay. So you can get rid of the cash or credit card transactions or the collection of the individual pieces separately wherever you can spend money. Your customer and staff only pass the card and everything is automatically calculated.

The electronic card system can also be used as prepaid system at the same time. A specific balance is loaded from the front of the quiche card, and the person then uses the look on this card.

Since the electronic wallet system also removes transactions such as superimposing after each transaction, spending times are shortened and stacking at payment points is prevented.

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